By Carl Schurz, May 19, 1860

“This Single-minded Man, This Child of Nature”

May 23, 1860

“Mr. Lincoln is as simple as a child”

By Henry C. Whitney,  July 26, 1861

“He was Playful and Sportive as a Child”

By Henry C. Whitney, June 17, 1856

“He had Hidden the Loud”

By Julia Taft Bayne

“Taking Great Pleasure in their Fun”

By Horace Porter, March 25, 1865.

“Showed the Childlike Simplicity”

By Thomas Thatcher Graves , April 4, 1865

“He Jumped up and Said, With a Boyish Manner”

By David D. Porter , 1865

“He was as Guileless in some Respects as a Child”

By Egbert L. Viele, May 5, 1862

“He was as Guileless and Single-hearted as a Child”

By Marquis de Chambrun , April 8, 1865

“He Admired the Strength of its Trunk”

By John B. Alley

“He was so Simple, so Child-like, so Sincere”

By Henry C. Whitney, 1854-10-25

“He Played on a Boy’s Harp all the Way”