By David D. Porter, April 1. 1865

“You Can’t Put a Long Blade into a Short Scabbard”

By Noah Brooks, November 8, 1864

“He is not of Age”

By National Republican,  June 8, 1864

“Is that not Putting ‘the Cart Before the Horse’?”


November 18, 1863

“It very Often Happens”

“There won’t be any Fun till I Get there”

“You are a little Rosebud Yourself”

“A Mere Breathless Running of the Gauntlet”

November 22, 1862

“Far too Badly Hurt to Laugh”

By William T. Sherman , July 23, 1861

“I Confess I Rather Like it myself”

January 31, 1861

“If they do Kill me I shall never Die Again”

May 19, 1860

“It Won’t do to Put That Young Man in the Cabinet”


“The Short and Simple Annals of the Poor”

“He will be Back after that in a few Minutes.”


“And Generally Says What he Means”

“There’s One of my Children that isn’t Dead yet”

“We will Get you Safe Across”

“When it was Ripe we did not Harvest it”

“The Debtor Assumed to be Crazy”

Feb. 1. 1865

“This Amendment is a King’s Cure for all the Evils”

By William Henry Herndon

“This Blade at the Point Travels Rapidly”

By Joshua Fry Speed, December 6, 1866

“I am Slow to Learn, and Slow to Forget”

By Egbert L. Viele, May 5, 1862

“I should not have all my Eggs in the Same Basket”

“The only Ruler I have is my Conscience”

“Lincoln wouldn’t be Recognized down in Springfield”


September 27, 1841

“God Tempers the Wind to the Shorn Lamb”

August 24, 1855

Letter to Joshua Speed (August 24, 1855)

April 18, 1864

“Especially if it be a Black Sheep”


By William Henry Herndon

“Reluctant to Publish their Failures”

By Matilda Johnston

“But It’s not all the Truth”