By William T. Sherman, March 28, 1865

“If He Could Do So ‘unbeknown’ to Him”

By David D. Porter, March 28, 1865

“Let them Have their Horses to Plow With”

By David D. Porter, April 5, 1865

“Leave them their Guns to Shoot Crows With”

By William Henry Crook, April 10, 1865

“Tell the Folks He Got Away from me”

By Gideon Welles, April 14, 1865

“He Shook his Hands as if Scaring Sheep”

By Assistant Secretary of War Charles A. Dana, April 14, 1865

“It’s Best to Let him Run”

By Marquis de Chambrun, April 9, 1865

“Enemies! We Must Never Speak of that”

By Marquis de Chambrun, By William Henry Crook, April 10, 1865

“I Insisted Yesterday that We Fairly Captured it”

By Edwin M. Stanton , April 14, 1865

“Spoke Very Kindly of General Lee and Others”

By Dale Carnegie

“There Was No Hatred in Lincoln’s Heart”


Lincoln and  Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton

By George W. Julian, By Owen Lovejoy

“He is the Rock on the Beach of Our National Ocean”

By George W. Julian, By Owen Lovejoy

“If Stanton Said I was a Damned Fool”

By Leonard Grover

“Act From a Favorite Child”

By George F. Harding, January 13, 1862

Lincoln Appointed Stanton as Secretary of War


Lincoln and Secretary of Treasury Salmon P. Chase

By Henry Wilson, By John G. Nicolay, By John Hay, December 1864

“I Would Not Hesitate a Moment”

By Noah Brooks, December 1864

“I Know Meaner Things About Governor Chase”

By John B. Alley, December 1864

“I Should Have Been Recreant to My Convictions of Duty”

By Augustus Frank, By Francis B. Carpenter, December 1864

“I Should Despise Myself”

By Gideon Welles,By Zachariah T. Chandler, December 1864

“Would Rather Have Swallowed His Buckhorn Chair”



Lincoln and Secretary of State William H. Seward

By John G. Nicolay, April 1, 1861

“Mr. Lincoln’s unselfish magnanimity”



Lincoln and Secretary of War Simon Cameron

May 26, 1862

To the Senate and House of Representatives 


By John G. Nicolay and John Hay

“Cameron Gratefully Remembered”


By John G. Nicolay and John Hay, July 24, 1861

“I have never Served a President”


By Carl Schurz , November 10, 1864

“He Offered the Hand of Friendship to those”