Words : Generous

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“He Took Them All With The Utmost Innocence And Good-nature”

“Do Good To Them Who Hate You”





“Lincoln Tolerated Such Flagrant Breaches Of Protocol”

November 13, 1861

“Not To Be Making Points Of Etiquette Personal Dignity”

“He Defends McClellan Against The Supervision”



April 5, 1861. Welles diary, Vol. I (1960 edn.), pp. 23–25.

“Lincoln Took Upon Himself The Whole Blame”


Gustavus V. Fox  ,May 1, 1861

“Lincoln, Once More, Assumed The Blame”




“Lincoln Had Stood By Him”


John C. Fremont  September 2, 1861

“In This Matter Lincoln Is Too Easy-going”




July 29, 1861

“Despite A Blizzard Of Such Indictments”


“Are Not These Criticisms Already Acrimonious Enough”



November 2, 1863

Letter to James Hackett (November 2, 1863)

Portrait painter Albert Jasper Conant,August 1860

“Patient Tolerance”




“He Was Constantly Out With The Common People”

“A Breeze Had Sprung Up Over The Domestic Sea”

“I Have Had As My Daily Portion”

“Keep Up Your Courage”

“What Did Mrs. Lincoln Say”


March 26, 1865


Adam Badeau, Grant in peace: from Appomattox to Mount McGregor, a personal memoir

“He Bore It As Christ Might Have Done”


“Do Good To Them Who Hate You”

“The Only Ruler I Have Is My Conscience”



“Always Criticizing Her Husband”

“He Was The Most Indulgent Parent I Have Ever Known”



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