“I have not a Single Nail on which to Hang your Claim”

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In the simplest and most natural way in the world, there are fused in his character the lineaments of the poet with those of the righteous man, and those of the logician with those of the moralist. Lincoln would have been an ideal judge. In the end, he became judge for the nation. The result of his peculiarities was, as all his colleagues declare, that he made a very poor advocate when, during the course of the proceedings, he came to feel that his client was in the wrong. Should he be sure of this when first approached, he would refuse to undertake the case. A lady sent him a check for two hundred and fifty dollars, asking him to act for her. He returned it with the remark: “I have not a single nail on which to hang your claim.”

By Emil Ludwig,”Abraham Lincoln: And the Times that Tried His Soul” Ludwig-131-10

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